Bespoke Real Estate Services Available Exclusively to TTR Sotheby's International Realty Clients

At TTR Sotheby's International Realty, luxury is not a price point, but rather a level of service. That's why we're pleased to introduce White Glove, an exclusive suite of real estate services designed to make the process of buying and selling a home a delight. From strategic home renovations and staging, to furniture consignments and settlement services, White Glove offers buyers and sellers a seamless real estate experience designed to provide value at every stage.

In the Washington Metropolitan area, only one real estate firm delivers a signature standard of service designed to elevate your property as one of its own. For those on a journey, there is only TTR Sotheby's International Realty.



Strategic Home Renovations, powered by Curbio, gives homeowners at all price points the opportunity to update and renovate their home prior to going on the market, so the home reaches its full potential, and the seller maximizes their return on investment. The best part? Not a penny is due upfront; The fee for the renovation is taken from the seller's proceeds at settlement, and the additional profit is passed directly to the seller. With an average return on investment of 215%, this is opportunity that should be considered by anyone whose home could use a little love before selling.




Home Staging and Storage, provided by Town and Country Movers, Inc., provides sellers with the chance to work with a professional stager to best present their home to potential buyers. Homes that are professionally staged and curated are proven to sell higher and quicker than those that are either left vacant, or lived in with no alterations made. This multi-faceted service by Town and Country is designed to aid sellers in a myriad of situations, by not only providing high-end pieces to best accentuate a homes charm, but also offering the opportunity to pack and store the seller's personal items while the home is on the market. Like the renovation services, no fees are due until settlement, at which time the cost of the staging/storage is deducted from the seller's proceeds. Additionally, Town and Country offers moving services who those sellers who needs to move out of their home prior to listing, but may be strapped for the cash to do so. Again, fees are paid out at settlement.


One of the primary concerns many sellers have voiced when preparing to list, are any items that may be discovered during the home inspection, and it's a legitimate concern. Home inspectors are hired to inspect a home with a fine-toothed comb, and to report any issues discovered, whether large or small. Fortunately, White Glove offers a solution for this too. Through our partner Punch List, we can quickly receive estimates for any items that need to be addressed as the result of a home inspection, essential when working within the constraints of a negotiation deadline. Furthermore, for those items the seller agrees to remedy, Punch List will send out the necessary contractors to take care of the work in a timely and professional manner and then, you guessed it, payment can be take from the seller's proceeds at settlement. This takes away the uncertainty and fear that a big-ticket item may be discovered during a home inspection that could bring the transaction to an abrupt halt.

Sometimes, however, the sellers or buyers elect to not ask for the work to be done, and the buyers are instead offered a credit at closing to have the work done themselves after settlement. Even in this situation, White Glove has a solution; The buyer's agent can get the estimates for the work from Punch List, and those estimates are guaranteed for 30 days, This allows the buyers time to settle on their new home, and then put their credit to use immediately after closing to address those items discovered during the home inspection. So whether it's work or a credit, White Glove and Punch List can help.

But it doesn't end here, and White Glove offers so much more; From settlements with KVS Title to consignments powered by Sotheby's Home, the full range of offerings can be viewed HERE, or simply give us a call to discuss how this game-changing suite of services can best serve you in your upcoming transaction.

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